Strategy development

Besides our passionate work as developers and designers, at Squareone we see ourselves also as strategists and consultants. Every innovation follows a precise plan and that’s why we love trying to understand new matter and processes, analysing them to come up with the perfect solution. In contrast to many other consultants who solely produce important documents and charts, we won’t leave you alone with those documents and charts but operationally transform our strategy also into products, processes or communication.

We call it operational consulting and our longtime experience helps us with it. We take an external look on your company’s structure, analyse inconsistencies in your portfolio, detect ineffective workflow and include this information into strategic product development. With market anticipation as our basis, we aim for sustainable growth.

Strategic workshop

SPARRING WITH SQUAREONE. Dual business can be stressful and all to often keeps you from a focussed exchange. An open verbal exchange is particularly essential for successful corporate culture and fresh ideas. That’s why Squareone offers strategic workshops for companies with us as neutral moderators that ask the right questions at the right time, tracking and evaluating the results for the team.

During the workshop we cultivate a form of concentrated working – from the beginning as well as during a project – to collectively rank all parties involved and set course.
Consulting to us is always a one to one supervision of company and employees on management level. In regular meetings we establish an open culture of discussion to collectively work out tasks and build trust to solve complex topics.


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Technology & Production

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