Donaldson Ultrapac Smart

User Interface

The new industrial dryer should be the first one on the market with a real user interface.

With the help of an interface concept, Squareone has developed a meaningful structure with flat planes, which is initially used to check the completeness and logic and later as the basis for intercase development.

Since the interface is only used when necessary, the design must be particularly easy to understand. Therefor, it is based on Android and OS systems, but also uses independent, graphical function layouts which are product-specific. These layouts reflect the hardware in the design of the interface.

Squareone relied on the program Sketch for the craftmanship of the design. This enabled a direct transfer of the elements and screens to a programmer, who did not have to re-construct any elements by Squareone. For visualization and verification, Squareone has built and presented several functions in the plug-in Marvel.

Standard GUI - Tests and prototyping for the Standard GUI

The GUI conception (Graphical User Interface) occurred during the complete development. It was mostly about designing all three elements – standard GUI, super plus and the app – as constantly as possible. This design line became a major advantage of the new Donaldson dehydrator since the customer was offered a low-priced design without any degradation. The 2D-view supplies information on cartouche level, cable and mode. Complex adjustments can either be carried out via the app or with the help of a Donaldson technician.

Furthermore, Squareone was able to crucially support Donaldson on developing and optimising their hardware. We did researching on the best possible way of producing the simple, based on single-colour LED lights technology and carried out intensive testing of covering and light transmission.

Squareone’s support to Donaldson most importantly meant development relief in a field completely new to the company.

Project Achievements

UI+UX Mechanical Engineering