Packaging Design

Obela, the global player and market leader for hummus in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia, planned a product launch in the central European market. Since the brand operates from the USA, they were in need for a reliable partner who
knows the German market and is capable of researching and identifying the requirements of the clients regarding a product like hummus.

Apart from a market analysis, the two-phased project included extensive sourcing of current, not trademarked packaging within a restricted requirements catalogue from Obela (PepsiCo-Strauss Joint Venture) which we ordered incognito. We checked these on appearance, filling volume and ullage and compared them with technical and monetary data in an Excel chart. Thanks to this data and a recommendation from Squareone, the Obela team was able to make a quick decision – the
development of individual packaging.

Based on the Australian packaging, we developed the new form by using and comparing various data predetermined by Obela. The result was a product that especially fits the German market and the client’s requirements towards the product.

Project Achievements

Product Development Packaging