Remmert Partnerbook

Strategic Consultancy

Our longstanding client Remmert GmbH from Loehne, Germany, is looking for international sales partners to be able to offer storage systems and automation in selected market. To support the initial discussion between the Remmert Key Account and the potential local partner, Remmert and Squareone are developing the so-called partner book: A brochure that represents the company with its portfolio and describes the desired partnership. In addition, an interview guide supports the key account in checking the relevant parameters from the partner and thus finding out whether the partner meets Remmert’s requirements.

Our task was to moderate workshops in which the relevant requirements were worked out. We consolidated these requirements and, depending on the character, translated into clear graphics or text. Finally, our work ended in the design of the brochure with a fresher CI.

Project Achievements

Strategy Development Communication Design