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Strategic consulting and portfolio management

When we at Squareone receive a client request without definition of task, we systematically start with an evaluation of the status quo. This means not only looking at pure numbers but also collecting our findings from the product surrounding. In concrete teams: We visit the production and point of sale, scan the logistics and processes as well as inquiry and sales documents and consult with the employees.

The outcome are potentials that we consolidate to concrete recommendation for action. The range here goes from abstract topics like strategy development to specific projects like the installation of a showroom. Along with the work packages, we recommend the working order and prioritize the packages based on our long term experience and what is best for the client.

Also for our client SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS - a paper and packaging producer based in the Netherlands - we started off with a broad research that has lead to diverse working packages with different values for the company. Our client has decided for the most relevant packages, which we then transferred to projects and successfully completed - with convincing results: The productivity of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has increased significantly.

Consistent implementation: reduced portfolio with a clear profile

Due to the focus on standard products for the five relevant market segments, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is for the first time able to develop descriptive sales documents.

At Squareone, we transfer our theoretical work in the work package portfolio management to concepts for a brochure, web appearance and a product finder. The new media and tools in communication support the standard portfolio by an understandable design and display the advantages and unique selling points of the company as well as the products. This supports the new pro active sales strategy. Clients of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS have direct access to standard products and can select them quickly and efficiently. Individual customer wishes are obviously treated as a special solution.

The close cooperation with SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has led to quick results with only minor corrections. The distribution of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS now offers completely new ways of approaching customers.

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Project Achievements

Strategy Development Packaging