Product Development

Over the years we have been asked to support the development team of the world famous roller and castor manufacturer TENTE every now and then. During various projects we have been analysing, structuring, developing and designing – simply the classic process of product development. A conceptional project has been the development of casters for hospital and nursing beds. In a segment that is traditionally dominated by steel casters, our casters had to react to the increased design demands with their quality of design. Further, the design had to be aligned with the high hygiene standards in hospitals.

Our solution has been a bended string protection that stops dirt-collecting edges on the inside of the caster due to its low tolerance. The soft edges also protect patients from injuries, for example hitting the casters with bare feet.

Rollers in various fields

When we developed „Ariana“, our priority was to design a roller that could fulfill the extreme requirements for airline trolleys. We used hight-strength plastic instead of the usual material aluminum and therefor could save weight while increasing the strength value. The lateral wheel guides prevent wedging when withdrawing from the galley compartments.

Also by the use of plastics, a lasting and cost-neutral adaption of the coloring for the trolley design and therefor a continuous CD is possible.

Project Achievements

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