Nanouk Wambach

Industrial Designer

What I find most appealing about product design is the tension between the different aspects that go into the design of a product.

First and foremost, the function of the product and the user experience, followed by aesthetics and technical production issues, all the way to the subsequent marketing.

What fascinates and drives me is the demand to balance these diverse factors individually and in the best possible way for each product.

Besides work, I like to spend time outdoors, on hikes, bike tours, picnics in the park or the occasional basketball game on the court around the corner.

Hard Facts
  • Born 1997 in Ruppichteroth
  • From 2017 studies product & object design at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
  • 2020 Internship at Kurz Kurz Design in Solingen
  • 2020 Independent work for Vintus
  • 2021 Independent work for Adaption Lab
  • 2021 Bachelor of Arts in Product & Object Design
  • 2022 Permanent position as industrial designer at Squareone
  • Favorite movies/series: Coach Carter, Sons of Anarchy, everything from Marvel & Pixar
Stela H82

Design Development

SW Stahl - Ratchet

Design Development

Remmert Basic Tower

Product Design