Sebastian Krüger

Industrial Designer

Within the team of SQ1 Sebastian works on a variety of different tasks and and enjoys creating CAD-data and prototypes. Seeing new concepts and ideas come alive trough prototypes and renderings is what excites him about his job. That’s why it is safe to say that he simply loves working with 3D Software.
When it comes to designing a product, he believes that questioning the actual needs and pain points are some of the most important components for generating flawlessly working concepts. Since the user and its. entire environment (/the entire surroundings) are equally important, Sebastian likes to work on sustainable solutions.

Apart from the field of design and other creative hobbies such as photography and 3D visualisations, Sebastian is passionate about motorsports and extreme sports.

Hard Facts
  • 1993 born in Düsseldorf
  • 2015 intern, mechanical production Selex ES GmbH
  • From 2016 Industrial Design studies in Wuppertal
  • 2019 semester abroad in Cincinnati, OH
  • 2020 Intern, Crown Equipment Copr. in New Bremen, OH
  • 2020 Industrial Designer for STAKSFLAKS
  • 2021 Bachelor's degree as Industrial Designer
  • From 2021 with Squareone
VBW - Bolt Cutter

Design Language

Remmert Basic Tower

Product Design


Design Language