Innovation development


When specifically developing innovation and product strategies we are intentionally counting on teamwork. It all starts with a precise task from our client. We then professionally question it, divide it into parts and specify it. From this point, we do research regarding conditions, competition and the function of the product.
Our innovation tools – like the Cube of Innovation – help us to identify potential and develop first partial solutions that we consolidate into product specific innovations in cooperation with our client. We moderate all steps in the process while reverting to our long-term cross-sectoral experience. Apart from the high effectivity of this method, shared development strengthens the appreciation for the self-made solution within the team of our clients – this close cooperation avoids the “not-invented-here-effect”.

Our trained outside-view allows us to effectively point out potential and solutions, as we have already proven in various sectors.
Profit from our cross-sectoral experience that made us wanted consultants in patent and property right lawsuits for years – because we know exactly what we are doing.

The Cube of Innovation

COMPLEX PROBLEMS REQUIRE MORE THAN JUST ONE IDEA. Product innovation and development are complex processes including ever new challenges that need to be mastered. One the one hand, this makes our daily work quite exciting because we always need to understand new situations to find the perfect solution. On the other hand it requires lots of experience, flexibility and discipline during the phase of development.

That’s why we love working with the Cube of Innovation: a collection of tools that – besides techniques to loosen up, brand understanding and analysis tools – primary includes Design Thinking and the TRIZ method. Thus the Cube of Innovation unites valuable processes and tools that help us master even complex problems.

This procedure convinced for example Mr Baldus from “Schottel”:
“Regarding the Cube of Innovation I would like to say that this collection simply stunned me. It’s like having used a drawer with rusty pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver-set from the supermarket for years and suddenly calling this complete HAZET tool range including classification system your own…” Martin Baldur, Schottel Hydro GmbH

Selected Projects