Product development


Beautiful design is not enough for us, it also needs to be functional. That’s why we define industrial design as a combination of aesthetics and engineering – and unite both disciplines in convincing products.

Thanks to our systematic approach, proven processes and our focus on the technical feasibility, we accomplish a highly efficient project course.
The holistic product development is based on extensive analysis (market and target audience analysis, competition-benchmark, usability tests etc.) and establishing detailed requirement and target specification. Based on this, we come up with innovative solutions and concepts that we combine in a user-friendly design and constructively complete in the context of design engineering.

Full Service

We define ourselves as a full-service agency through the broad range of our services and many years of experience. In terms of holistic consulting, our range of services ranges from strategy and innovation development through product development to implementation in the market.

Our goal is a long-term and trustworthy cooperation with our customers, which guarantees smooth and efficient processes. We analyze you and your needs. This allows quick and uncomplicated action, while you can concentrate on your core competences. They decide on the exact degree of relief in the form of continuous or selective support. It is important to us where we can help you most effectively.

Selected Projects