Strategy development


Besides our passionate work as developers and designers, at Squareone we see ourselves also as strategists and consultants. Every innovation follows a precise plan and that’s why we love trying to understand new matter and processes, analysing them to come up with the perfect solution. In contrast to many other consultants who solely produce important documents and charts, we won’t leave you alone with those documents and charts but operationally transform our strategy also into products, processes or communication.

We call it operational consulting and our longtime experience helps us with it. We take an external look on your company’s structure, analyse inconsistencies in your portfolio, detect ineffective workflow and include this information into strategic product development. With market anticipation as our basis, we aim for sustainable growth.


The more clearly and openly the strategic direction of the company is communicated in a company, the more smoothly the processes of development take place. This also applies to the implementation of a trategy. A good tool to visualize the connection between external influences, strategies and concrete measures is the development of a roadmap. We use it as an active, equally electronic and physical tool, which can also change and adapt to new circumstances.

Strategy Canvas

At Squareone, we always act systematic when developing strategies. In order to find the fitting strategy for you, we start off with in-depth research and analysis to point out as many relevant market insights and potentials as possible. The analysis is based on current internal documents, interviews with your staff as well as on our own external view on the market, the competition and the users.

In a shared workshop we turn potentials into concrete ideas and concepts for future development in cooperation with you. In doing so we will not only be working out new product ideas but also service concepts, improvements for your distribution or general approaches for optimising your portfolio structure. After the workshop, we bundle the most promising concepts to corridors, from which a broad variety of strategies occur. In the so-called strategy canvas we check every single idea on its quality by comparing the requirements of all stakeholders (for example marketing, distribution channels, cost structure, production).

Finally, you will receive our recommendation of the most reasonable strategies from our point of view and offer a preview on the measures necessary for implementation.

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