ABC Design

Plattform development

In focus of the development was on the one hand the aesthetic revision of the current generation and at the same time the functional and technical optimisation of three different prams on the other.
Primary goal of the design was to discreetly combine infantile forms including a clear impression of safety with explicit functional semantics. In this project, Squareone managed to define creative, technical as well as functional basic requirements and lead them to marketability.
ABC design was able to use the full bandwidth of our know how and to receive everything from one source – from benchmarking and qualitative analysis of competitive products to conception, design and design-engineering to a fully functional prototype.
All in all, patents for three of the technically new principles were registered. The new pram was introduced into the market in 2014 and awakened huge interest.

Following is the product video produced in-house at ABC.

Watch the product video made by ABC design.

Prototyping as an important aspect in product development

We love conceptional work and therefore it has been more effective to directly test functions of prototypes and while being able to directly rate them. In order to do so, we used various media. The first mock-ups were built using Lego Technic. We looked at fabric-prototypes and how they buckled when folding the seat.

In the next step, favoured concepts were converted with respective design in CAD and tested in-house in our 3D-printers. This resulted in different possibilities we consolidated for ABC Design. The final 1:1 prototype was partially produced by an external prototyper and partially changed by us to match our requirements. On the one hand, the prototype was used to validate design and function, on the other hand it is the perfect link to the designer.

Project Achievements

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