Product Development

The Bilstein EVO product series brings a completely new look to the brand.
A well thought-out color concept and geometric adjustments ensure a professional, high-quality appearance which underlines the quality of the products and sets itself apart from the competition.

The color code for Bilstein EVO line groups the product portfolio and supports customers to quickly assign products of one segment. The combination of the accent colors and the dark main color give the shock absorbers a high quality appearance and display the company’s CI colors in the products. The Bilstein EVO racing shock absorbers impress with their sporty look with red accents, the only segment with colored springs.

In addition to the developed color system, the shock absorbers have a new appearance in the area of spring plate and thread. The design is completed by decals combining product labeling and information stickers, which contribute to the new appearance of the product.

The result is a new product series which is groundbreaking for the future brand appearance and represents motorsport as well as highest quality and reliability.

Project Achievements

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