Strax Xqisit

Design Development

Let’s be honest: the market for bluetooth loudspeakers is hopelessly jaded. Still, new approaches to design can be found by asking user oriented questions. Listening to music with friends on the go, stationary outside or at home can be interpreted in many different ways.
The demand when developing a new design study on this topic was in defining iconic forms with high recognition value and therefore a retraction of the high scope. Each form has it’s own identity. “Mobile”, the circular product that reminds you of a balloon, lies well in your hand. By using a shackle it can easily be wrapped around your finger or mounted to a backpack. “Standing” comes with both a flat side and a stand allowing for two different positions. The soft doughnut-form of “Home” gets haptic support by the soft-touch button. Both mobile devices feature a rotary knob integrated into the form. That’s how a completely new gesture is created while operating. Even though they vary, all three products share a detail: simple interface without a display and discreet colour-ways.

Project Achievements

Product Development UI+UX