Carl Mertens - METZ

Product Design

Carl Mertens International and Squareone GmbH are closely tied by a longterm partnership between manager Curt Mertens and shareholder Gert Trauernicht.
Therefore we started a new advisory mandate in the middle of 2015.
Being capable of competing in the european as well as the asian market, was the main goal of the traditional company from Solingen. Therefore Squareone took various measures, for example streamlining the product range, analysis and definition of the brand, innovation of new products, that underline the brand, sourcing of distributors as well as communication with Chinese partners.

During the analysis it was first about understanding the traditional brand
and its current values and then adjust it all with current trends. During a workshop a new understanding for current affairs and a whole new identification of the employees with their own company and the corporate culture that needed to be communicated. Based on these aspects, Squareone developed new core values, as well as portfolio and communication strategies – without losing the company’s original values and origin.

Project Achievements

Product Development