Dornbracht Smart Water

User Interface

Dornbracht SMART WATER is all about the vision, the possibility of using digitalisation also in the bathroom and kitchen. SMART WATER is an intelligent system that links the bathroom’s components and comfortably individualises applications. Handling is carried out via SMART TOOLS, developed by Dornbracht: The interface consists of two dials controlling temperature and amount of water as well as a display with switching function.

SMART TOOLS can be installed peripheral and can be used across design and range thanks to the universal use of forms. We supported Dornbracht with field analysis, concept development, the user interface and the technical implementation.

Dornbracht - working interdisciplinary

Too many cooks spoil nothing. The work on the iconic and innovative Smart Tool can be seen as a perfect example of interdisciplinary product development. A thorough market and user analysis by Squareone and first rough concepts triggered the definition of more product features during a multidisciplinary workshop. We also detected faults at an early stage and found solutions together. Part of the development team were Dornbracht engineers and marketing employees, product designer from Sieger Design, UX/UI experts from Meire Meire and we as innovation consultants and external product development manager. The supervision of all necessary processes could be performed efficient and reliable due to concentrated technical expertise.

Project Achievements

Innovation Development UI+UX Building Technology