Squareone provides judicable expertise to support property right legal proceedings.
When providing expertise we rely on formulating clear and comprehensible criteria. Only by doing so, presumably soft factors and creative issues become argumentatively and logically comprehensible. We face technical and constructive tasks with longterm experience of developing our own patents and samples.

Our international function as product developers allows us to evaluate technical options to a great extent and test innovation regarding their capacity. We develop property rights and evasive strategies at competing requirements for our clients. Support with property right defense is als part of our competence profile.
Our experience in knowledge transfer and carrying out numerous research and innovation projects both in commercial and university context are the basis to our understanding of complex formal and technical relationships.

Tangle-webs for playgrounds – successful support for patent appeal

The debatable products were so-called tangle-webs for children’s playgrounds. We were asked to carry out the patent appeal by an English manufacturer.
In this privately commissioned counter opinion we were able to plausibly display the rather low creative freedom. Therefore we were able to document lacking inventive ingenuity and hence resulting the lapsed patent claim.

Project Achievements

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