Product Development & UI/UX

We developed a digital adjusting key for KOMET fine drilling systems as well as the corresponding operating software (GUI). In combination with the operating software and thanks to the adjusting key, the fine drilling system
can be adjusted most precisely.

Using the example of this adjusting key and the corresponding software, we further developed an extensive and preferably sustainable design language for electronic hard- and software components. This design language follows the current
corporate design and perfectly fits in the KOMET brand identity. At the end of the cooperation we additionally developed the GUI as an application.


On the basis of the prototype produced by Squareone, we were able to test the assembly, the set-up of the case, the arrangement of the mechanical and electronic components, as well as the functionality and handling in detail. As usual, this is an extremely important step during product development.
At the same time, the aesthetics and proportions were finally compared with the prototype.

Project Achievements

Product Development Tools