Modul 3

Design Language

The tempering system designed by Squareone combines the advantages of intelligent housing structure with a user friendly interface. The aim of the study was to develop a consistent design language for various housing combinations and to create a concise recall value for the whole product family.

Due to the housing parts, which are classically produced in sheet bending process, and their positioning, we have been able to reduce expensive welding connections to a minimum. Another important requirement was the accessibility of the technical components during maintenance work. Our solutions are quick release fasteners on all shell parts. The entire system is controlled by a simple digital control unit, which can be coupled and synchronised while several systems are used simultaneously.

Depending on the size of the device, the interface is directed towards the user or positioned at eye level. The look and feel of the devices is a testament to reliability and functionality, as well as a unique character. The timeless design can be combined with the injection molding or extrusion machines of various manufacturers.

Project Achievements

Product Development Mechanical Engineering