Pepsico - Punica

Brand Strategy

For 10 years we have been supporting Pepsi in developing the brand Punica as a full-fledged partner. It’s the longtime experience that shows in our high market and user understanding and leads to being integrated into the developing process from an early stage. With qualitative studies we put the concepts created by the marketing of Punica to the acid test. We interview mothers and children, accompany them while shopping and observe every single detail influencing them on their purchase decision. The results display new market potentials for further products fitting to Punica. This results in unser approbate design. Our passion for Punica and our creativity as designers clearly results in increased sales figures and a broadening of the consumer group.

Expertise user-centric design

GO OUT AND PLAY. Besides technical understanding, a short track to the user is the basis of trust. Every good concept we develop on our desks is only as good as the excitement it creates with the user. In terms of design thinking we show around even first results gaining valuable first thoughts and opinions. We use our surroundings not only as a source for inspiration but also as a tool for validation. That’s how we develop ideas by taking a closer look and evaluate them by specific enquiry. A design that is loved by designers like us may win awards but is not automatically a guaranteed top seller.

Project Achievements

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