Pepsico Punica

Product Development

The longterm cooperation of Pepsi and Squareone today leads to successful products at short development time. During a first research phase we carry out detailed competition analysis, precise POS-observation and efficient user surveys, all within the time frame of only a few weeks. During the following concept phase, we create designs to match the validated fields of potential, that stand out from a jaded market, convincing both purchasers and clients. The design and engineering phase then results in producing CAD-data that enable us to visualise the final product for up to 95% thanks to meeting all relevant specification guidelines. After another 2-3 weeks, our manufacturing experience leads to almost finished data we adjust and test with toolmakers and bottlers.

Expertise PET development

SIMPLY COMPLEX. As a natural consequence of developing various PET bottle families, we can call ourselves experts of PET development.
It’s not only that we like terms like preform-weight, top load, petaloid bottom or tilt stability – we already include them in our consideration before sketching the very first line. Our designs are not only inspiring to market or users but also always producible and cost saving.

Project Achievements

Product Development Packaging