Remmert AGV

Product Development

Together with the company Remmert, SQ1 developed the Remmert AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), an automated solution for transporting long goods. Due to many years of successful cooperation and a trusting relationship, this project could be realized in record time! Especially the flexible structures and short decision-making processes at Remmert favored the fast development time. SQ1 was involved in the conception early on and worked closely with the design department until the end.
It is noteworthy that this is a completely new development, but - apart from SQ1's know-how - it was developed exclusively in-house.

The clear design language and high-contrast color distribution as well as the innovative light and warning system were adopted for the AGV from the design language we defined. The design challenges lay in the seamless integration into the existing product range while simultaneously modernizing the design language (more dynamic lines, large fillets in sheet metal).

We are pleased that the Remmert FTS has been awarded the iF Award 2022.

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Project Achievements

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