Remmert Basic Tower

Product Design

We developed an integrated design language for the hardware product portfolio of Friedrich Remmert GmbH on this project. In this case, the design language combines insights from a sound analysis of portfolio and competition with the most important characteristics of Remmert’s brand communication.

The design proposal defines the design features of both products and product line. This includes look-and-feel, proportion, usability, communication, materiality, chromaticity amongst others.
But we not only looked at the outer appearance but also at the principle functions and the basic conceptional requirements. The constructive detailing of the assembly groups has been developed in cooperation with the construction department of Remmert and converged into applicable production strategies in process reliable fashion.

In the end, the final design language has been exemplary applied to the „Basic Tower”.

From Brand Identity to the product

The basis for the development of the design language were all existing documents from the company Remmert - starting with existing products, including OEM-Variations, sales documents and finally the Style Guide, which describes the handling of print media. At the same time, we created a benchmarking of direct and indirect competition and defined a target for the new design.

Priority One was to strengthen the brand identity as well as a logical usage of full and part casing. Design should improve products and their functions. Therefor, a housing may not cause functional issues. The usage of the brand color magenta was implemented decent, yet compelling and therefor reinforces the brand identity of the products.

Project Achievements

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