Remmert Laserflex

User Interface

On this project, we developed am integral strategy for the interfaces between user and machine for Friedrich Remmert GmbH. Besides hardware based interfaces like status lights, lettering or other parts with sign function the focus was clearly on a software based, graphical user interface for the operation of the „Laserflex” plant, that enables automised storage and processing of sheet steel with a cutting laser by a complex chain of warehouse, delivery units and processing machines. By doing so, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) ensures a fast, intuitive and safe operation of the whole plant. Furthermore, the GUI should be understood and used smoothly anywhere around the world – irrespective of language and culture.

The realised user interface meets the high ergonomic and aesthetic desires while its intuitive and multilingual intelligibility is convincing and makes operation extremely easy. The GUI combines technical complexity and functionality of a professional industrial application with the simplicity and intelligibility of a end consumer software.

Integral Product Development

Besides the interface, we also worked on the corresponding user manual in both German and Chinese.

The perfect interaction of hard and software exploids important competitive advantages in an international context.

Project Achievements

UI+UX Mechanical Engineering