RL360 Rotary laser

Product Design

Rotation lasers are used on construction sites for measuring, levelling, adjusting and aligning.

Rotation lasers that are currently available on the market are characterised by robustness, but seldom mirror the core of the product: the precision and accuracy of the measuring process. This is where the RL360 starts and combines both in one innovative design. The ergonomically reasonable triangular basic shape encloses the sensitive laser head on the inside like an armour. Due to cutouts in the padded handle, the laser beam emits unopposed without any functional limitations. The rotation laser proves its functionality on the inside, designed with straight surfaces and defined lines. The product consists of two common parts, joined via connectors. With its two threads the RL360 can be screwed onto tripods. The design is characterised by its integrative language of form and its functional stringency.

Project Achievements

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