Innovation Workshop

Due to our unprejudiced handling of problems that have been keeping you and your employees busy for months or even years, we are able to act freely and offer suggested solutions. That’s what we did during the Schottel workshop where we were facing a rather complex problem.
While preparing the workshop we clustered the task into various sections. Doing this is always helpful when facing complex problems that cannot be solved holistically. Because unlike the big picture, it is much easier to conceptually reconsider separate sections. On the other hand, opportunities and risks leading to concept thoughts can be listed for each section

The innovation workshop is the perfect platform to work interdisciplinary. Schottel brought together engineers, constructors as well as project managers while Squareone took over the part of the neutral moderator and creative catalyser. The advantage was to finally express own ideas and exchange views.

The extensive preparations help us not to struggle during the workshop, but come up with new approaches that collectively lead to new ideas. In either case the team is involved in the development of new ideas and concepts. Ideas are not forced to please but are developed collectively. Real team work.


Product innovation and development are complex processes including ever new challenges that need to be mastered. One the one hand, this makes our daily work quite exciting because we always need to understand new situations to find the perfect solution. On the other hand it requires lots of experience, flexibility and discipline during the phase of development.

That’s why we love working with the Cube of Innovation: a collection of tools that – besides techniques to loosen up, brand understanding and analysis tools – primary includes Design Thinking and the TRIZ method. Thus the Cube of Innovation unites valuable processes and tools that help us master even complex problems.

This procedure convinced for example Mr Baldus from “Schottel”:
“Regarding the Cube of Innovation I would like to say that this collection simply stunned me. It’s like having used a drawer with rusty pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver-set from the supermarket for years and suddenly calling this complete HAZET tool range including classification system your own…” Martin Baldur, Schottel Hydro GmbH

Project Achievements

Innovation Development