Communication Design

With over 150 years of experience as a producer of boards and packaging, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is a true expert when it comes to making individual customer wishes come true. However, the common approach towards requests is reactive and is missing active sales strategies and product solutions that appeal to potential clients.

Together we developed a standard portfolio for the five relevant market segments which now offers best prerequisits for a proactive customer approach and a clear communication strategy. The new, streamlined communication design covers print media, the web layout and internal tools such as the product finder. This brings maximum support to the sales employees and the clients of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS see a consistent design on all communication channels.

In regards to the strategic claim „SOLIDUS is a solution provider“ we paid special attention to a good interface and usability of the media. Part of this approach are diverse sub projects, e.g. the development of board prints for imaginary customers. Products are no longer shown in isolation but in their natural context.

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Showroom concept

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is a very virtual company. We developed a modular showroom concept to make the products and their quality feasible and to display the advantages of the packaging and the material. The concept can be adapted to diverse footprints and use cases such as trade fairs and it even covers solutions for entrance halls. This project has been successfully developed and delivered within three months.

Project Achievements

UI+UX Packaging Communication Design