Innovation Development

As the market leader in the production of boards and cardboard packaging, innovation development is part of the core business for SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS. However, the internal process was not defined and therefore inefficient and not repeatable. In this area too, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has developed under our guidance from a request-oriented manufacturer to a proactive partner at eye level.

Issues and requirements are brought to the company in a wide variety of channels, for example through customer discussions, market and social developments or changes in the law. We first filtered these together with SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS’ customers and converted them into potential fields. Second, we developed solutions for each field with the team. The constructive know-how of the developers was used for several prototype rounds. Meetings followed at short intervals to create a holistic product concept with several products.

The new product family for pot plants offers solutions for logistics, sustainability, delivery and product presentation and is internally compatible. Although the high-quality packaging is comparatively expensive, the logistics concept can significantly reduce transport costs.

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Consistent implementation: understandable communication of the innovative product family

More and more customers in SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS’ core markets are interested in packaging made from the sustainable raw material cardboard. But in order to adopt innovative solutions, the market must recognize their value in all aspects. As a sales document, we are therefore designing a brochure that clearly visualizes the advantages of cardboard boxes for potted plants and shows the advantages and possibilities at a glance.

The layout and logic are based on the communication design project that we developed for the segments Fish and Meat&Poultry. With the brochure and the appropriate web design, the field staff can convince customers of the innovative product solutions. At the same time, we have also created a benchmark for future developments.

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Project Achievements

Innovation Development Packaging Communication Design