Stahlwille Torsiotronic

Product Design

Goal of the project was to develop a new design language for Stahlwille and transfer it onto the product series of torque wrenches. The product development first took place for the mechanical and digital torque wrench.

The design followed the basic idea of a bracket that spread across the display and runs into a chamfer along the handle up to the handle end. The frame of the display is the shaping element. The display frame dynamically slopes towards the tool head. Due to an offset in the frame the display is protected from damage. The tool’s edging on the other hand is rounded down and therefore adapts itself perfectly to the palm allowing pressure to be applied.

During the product development parting lines, demoldability and material thickness will be defined for an ideally realistic and feasible result.

By the way, the Torsiotronic won the German Design Award Gold. Read more.

Design Language

A design language can be developed for an overall portfolio as well as for a new product series. With tools it’s extremely important to consistently design central design elements, colours, shapes and functional components allowing for the consumer to recognise the connection of the products within a series on the one hand and on the other hand create a connection to the brand without having to keep the corporate identity in mind.

Project Achievements

Product Development Tools