Strategic Innovation Development

Book release by Gert Trauernicht

Originally, this book was designed as an internal collection of tools and methods for the strategic consultant projects at Squareone. However, since more and more customers have expressed interest in the approaches and the methods behind the projects, this tool collection became a book.

The systematic consistent innovation development is a challenge for many companies. Even if the actual product development process is defined, the innovation development is often assigned to the so-called fuzzy front end.

With the increasing dynamism of the markets and the increasing expectation that innovations must be based on user needs and not vice versa, a systematic and strategically oriented innovation development will soon be the prerequisite for sustainable market success.

Who is this book for?

This book is intended as a reference work, inspiration and experience compendium for companies who want to venture into strategic innovation development. The combination of more than 120 methods and tools is above all practice-oriented and less theoretical and scientific.
Six perspectives on innovation enable an entry into the topic from various sides and give the user the opportunity to concentrate on the aspects of innovation development that fit individually to his or her company.

The book is available on Amazon.

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