User Interface

Developing an completely new user interface for the new X-Cube machines of our client TROX was a major project for Squareone. The X-Cube is a modular central air handling unit whose components vary from device to device.

The goal was to develop a user interface that can be easily adapted to the different configurations of the machine. In addition, simple menu navigation and a simple, graphical interface should enable intuitive operation.
Translating the high technical complexity of the X-Cube into a very low-complexity interface was very much the focus during development, to ensure ease of use even for beginners.
During the development process, we provided our customer with click prototypes for testing and, at the same time, provided developer data for the programmer, so we could ensure a seamless implementation of the interface.

The design of the user interface is based on the product design of the X-Cube and the Trox-Smart Configurator, also designed by Squareone.

Project Achievements

UI+UX Building Technology Mechanical Engineering