Cara Bruckmann

Industrial Designer

After her apprenticeship as an optician, the Cologne-born designer discovered her love of industrial design at the University of Wuppertal. For her, the most fascinating aspect of the design process is the critical comparison of her own conceptual work with the reality of the user. Especially through the early development of prototypes, she validates her solutions with an iteratively approach and application-oriented process through user tests.

During her semester abroad and internship in the U.S. she learned to combine functional requirements with the aesthetics and sustainable lifestyle of the Pacific North West.

This aspiration also accompanies her in her design work at Squareone.

After work, Cara can be found on the yoga mat, or on her bicycle.

Hard Facts
  • from 2012 apprenticeship as an optician
  • from 2015 Industrial Design studies in Wuppertal
  • 2018 Semester abroad in Cincinnati, USA
  • 2019 Internship at Evolve Collaborative in Portland OR, USA
  • 2019 Bachelor's degree as Industrial Designer
  • with Squareone since 2020
  • Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, anything Pixar, Fight Club
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