Johanna von Wassenberg


Since 2017, I study product design at the Hochschule Hannover. My main experience there is on modern product design. During my internship at Squareone, I want to widen my knowledge and get to know other product fields. The range of technical machines to appealing consumer goods make the profession very exciting for me. I am also attracted by the variety of creative work for it includes creative thinking, concept development, coming up with ideas, visualization from doodles to graphical work up to a model that makes the product experienceable and visible. My favorite part is the digital construction and model making. I enjoy it when the product development process pays off and a well designed product emerges that works intuitively for the user and can even arouse emotions.

Already at the time of my goldsmith apprenticeship I was enthusiastic about the development process of a product, which is exactly tailored to the customer. The product design enables me to attach a larger target group and design for diverse product fields.
In my spare time I like to dance and enjoy everything crafty I can do by myself.