Leona Winter

Senior Strategic Designer

My focus as a Strategic Design Consultant lies in the long-term consulting of medium-sized companies at product portfolio level.

It is particularly important to me to improve the daily workflow of the employees through my work. Thanks to my experience as an Industrial Designer, I can work at the intersection with engineers, marketing experts and sales people and optimize processes here with the view from the outside.

I like challenges in the field of data analysis and the elaboration of information and processes. Sometimes this involves working through data sheets, sometimes meetings and workshops are required, where the knowledge of the experts in the company is physically recorded and subsequently provided to the employees in a vivid way.

To reflect as much of the accumulated knowledge back into the company as possible, my team at Squareone and I translate the results into concrete products, print or digital media.

In my private life, I keep mentally and physically fit with yoga and archery. This includes healthy nutrition and conscious use of our resources.

Hard Facts
  • Since 2005 Apprenticeship as a tailor in Meerbusch, special field women’S outer garments
  • since 2008 Studies Industrial Design in Wuppertal
  • Visionlabs projects for Braun and Kettler
  • 2012 Semester abroad in Cincinnati, USA, following training at P9 in New York
  • 2013 direct hire at SQ1 after 6-month training while studying
  • 2018 Strategic Design Consultant
  • 2020 Senior Strategic Designer
  • main function in the strategic sector and consulting industrial design
  • Special field strategy development, portfolio analysis, consulting, long term customer management
  • Favourite movies: The devil wears Prada, Birdman, Winter's Bone
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