Philipp Raupach

Senior Industrial Designer

Since the beginning of 2010 he has been working with us as an industrial designer with a focus on technical concept and product development.
Philipp is the right contact for you if you are interested in developing modular systems and intelligent platform solutions as well as aiming for simplification and optimization of usage processes through well-made products.
Due to his almost ten years of experience as an industrial designer for different sectors and products, he knows the right development process and the necessary milestones for successful product development.
In addition to supporting various projects, Philipp is also responsible for the design, construction and creation of project-related prototypes at SQ1.

Stahlwille „Torsiotronic“
For me, the tool development for Stahlwille is one of the most exciting projects in my career so far. In addition to extensive research on the customer portfolio and, among other things, the competitive situation, this project offered many exciting process steps including the development of the Stahlwille CI and the resulting design development of the product. When designing tools, the focus is on design, function and safety at the highest level.

Trox „X2“
The development of Trox's new ventilation and air conditioning device (RLT) very nicely reflects our company's holistic range of services. Not only were constructive and creative work packages for the hardware of the system processed, but also the development of the user interface was recorded. The cross-disciplinary field of activity of SQ1 is of great added value for our customers, since the hardware know-how pays directly into the GUI development.
Success proves us right: German Design Award Winner 2020 : )

Hard Facts
  • Born 1977 in Munich
  • 1999 to 2003 Camera assistant for various productions
  • 2003 to 2009 Studies Industrial Design, University Duisburg-Essen (Folkwang)
  • 2011 Industrial designer at P9, New Jersey (lent)
  • 2015 Senior industrial designer at SQ1
  • Favourite movies: Four Rooms, Léon, Trainspotting, Wall-E
Stahlwille Torsiotronic

Product Design

Trox X-Cube

Product Development

Dornbracht Smart Water

User Interface