Uodan Siebke

Industrial Designer

Uodan Siebke has been on board since April 2015 and adds a fresh breeze to the team being from the north of Germany. He participated as an industrial designer in various projects with a focus on technical design as well as visualising projects by rendering. When the project allows him to, he loves being in the workshop and builds function and proportion models.

ELHA Design language
“Developing a design language for ELHA was one of my first projects with Squareone and therefore something rather exciting to me. The challenge was to find design characteristics that could be used universally to emphasise a consistent image of the product family. At the same time the design needed to underline functionality and modularity of the machines.
From extensive market analysis to brainstorming with the team to ideation by dozens of scribbles up to converting various concepts in CAD and the following photo-realitstic visualisation of the designs, the full range of design tools has been used.
Closely experiencing how creative thinking processes were put in train and being part of the process from the very first idea up to the finished product was extremely fascinating and satisfying.

Hard Facts
  • 1988, born in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein
  • 2010 Studies industrial design at Muthesius School of arts, Kiel
  • 2012 Training at Held + Team, Hamburg
  • 2013 Graduated as Bachelor of Arts, industrial designer
  • 2014 Training at Squareone
  • 2015 Employed as industrial designer at Squareone
  • Favourite movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Whiplash, Absolute Giganten
Remmert Basic Tower

Product Design


Design Language

RL360 Rotary laser

Product Design