Strategic Consulting

Dornbracht is a medium-sized company that has been successfully developing bathroom fittings in the premium segment for many years. With the use of innovative production methods and radical design, Dornbracht is a successful driver of innovation in the sanitary industry.

Our activities include classic consulting of the management, divisions and project teams. Due to the helicopter’s view Squareone is able to generally analyse problems and to support as well as moderate across divisions.

In contrast to to ordinary consulters we are not only able to develop and evaluate strategies and tactics together with our client, but we can also carry them out together – either with strategic partners like Sieger Design or with the help of the operative division of Squareone in the sectors of technical innovation development and design engineering.
In pratical terms our work includes developing communication tools like system or evaluation models as well as realisation of a strategic roadmap. Furthermore we develop technical solutions and complex product systems. Also we deal with technological anticipation of future trends in the sector of user behaviour and technology.

Consulting with product development – that’s possible, too.

During an advisory mandate new ideas emerge that Squareone converts in the field of design engineering. For example the system box – a modular in-wall system for protection and installation of sensitive electronic and hydraulic components inside the building installation. The outcome is maximal protection classes and minimised installation effort.

Project Achievements

Strategy Development