Strategic Consultancy

Reuss-Seifert is eligible for changing the market for concrete reinforcement spacers with creative solutions and innovation. Therefore two actions have been taken in cooperation with Squareone: a concrete product development on the topic of plastic spacers on the one hand and on the other the shared development of a structured product development process that allows Reuss-Seifert to independently develop innovative products on a regular basis in the future.

For this purpose, the general phases “Impulse”, “Innovation development”, “Evaluation” and “Product development” have been individually adapted to Reuss-Seifert. By working simultaneously, insights and proven processes have been directly integrated into the product development process. On the basis of examples and blank templates, an extensive toolbox was created that can be used as needed. Check lists, specs and milestones set the course for a structured and speedy development.

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Structured process through Roadmap

Future product developments and corporate measures are supposed to follow strictly defined corporate goals to ensure all activities pay into the economic success of the company. These strategic goals will be defined within a company strategy and transferred into a vivid roadmap. The visual connection supports the compliance of the set goals and makes meetings, discussions and the overall process much easier.

Project Achievements

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