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squareone | Goodbye Sebastian

Goodbye Sebastian

Starting from March, Sebastian will attend the Master's program in Sustainable Design at the ecosign/Academy of Design.

We wish him all the best and great success in his studies!
We will miss you.

squareone | Businesstrip | Denver

Businesstrip | Denver

Gert and Max traveled to Denver for the international meeting of the global company Minova to present the results of our 360-degree review in a 6-hour presentation, spanning almost 300 slides.

More information here

squareone | Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024

In 2023, we:

  • worked on 30 exciting projects
  • received several design awards, including a coveted iF DESIGN Gold Award!
  • welcomed a new team member
  • gained 4 new clients
  • brought back 2 former clients on board

We are excited about what 2024 holds for us and wish everyone a successful New Year!

squareone | Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas 2023

We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

squareone | Product Design Trends 2024

Product Design Trends 2024

Curious to explore what's shaping the design landscape next year?

Here are some predictions of Product Design Trends for 2024.

squareone | Publication | Umweltmagazin

Publication | Umweltmagazin

We are pleased to announce our contribution to an article on 'Successful Eco-design for Pumps,' which was recently published in the Environmental Magazine of VDI Verlag.

The article was developed in collaboration with our partner, RICKMEIER GmbH.

Read article (in German)

squareone | Business Trip | Zentia in Newcastle

Business Trip | Zentia in Newcastle

Our personal highlight during our fourth visit to Zentia in Newcastle was their new Innovation Lab – a representative space allowing customers to experience diverse possibilities up close.

However, our personal meetings with clients not only provide insights into the company but also strengthen the team spirit in collaboration. Many thanks for the hospitality, Zentia!

squareone | Welcome Debby

Welcome Debby

Debby (Cai-Yu Wu) primarily strengthens our team in the field of UX/UI.

She just finished her studies at Bergische Universität Wuppertal.
Debby enjoys exploring various software and analyzing user needs. Her favorite stage in the process is creating user flows.

squareone | Training | LogiKal by Orgadata

Training | LogiKal by Orgadata

Noah and Sabrina participated in aa hands-on LogiKal software training at Orgadata.

They identified valuable pain points on-site, gained insights from first-time users to experts, and are now well-equipped for our current project. More details here...

squareone | Business Trip | Orgadata in Leer

Business Trip | Orgadata in Leer

Business trips can be challenging, but the appointment last week in Leer was truly enjoyable thanks to the hospitality of Orgadata and a thoughtful hotel choice.

The productive meetings, the pleasant on-site atmosphere, and smooth organization contributed to the point where one almost didn't want to go back home ;)

squareone | Business Trip | Poland

Business Trip | Poland

For our local clients, we travel abroad to discuss things directly on-site with the producers.

This prevents misunderstandings and significantly speeds up the communication.

squareone | Social Insight | 10 Things Micheal learned as a Designer

Social Insight | 10 Things Micheal learned as a Designer
  1. No one knows what a product designer actually does - always have a simple explanation ready for new acquaintances.

  2. Attitude and determination are more important than skills - they come over time and with practice.

  3. Go to article

squareone | New Business | Minova

New Business | Minova

We are now working with the international company Minova.

On behalf of Minova, we are conducting a 360° analysis to identify strategic portfolio development potentials.

squareone | Upskilling | Circular Design Summit

Upskilling | Circular Design Summit

Sebastian H. participated in the 'Circular Design Summit' organized by the Efficiency Agency NRW.

At this Event the concept of circular design and its relevance for companies, society, and the environment were discussed.

squareone | Thank you Leon

Thank you Leon

We say goodbye to Leon Affeldt.

Leon's time as an intern with us has come to an end. We wish him all the best on his journey ahead.