START AT SQUAREONE. It all starts with an idea. Squareone is more than just your ordinary design agency that does everything just like everybody else. Strategic product and innovation development to us is a systematic start of a project and process management that is focussed on competence, deadlines and budget. Or as we like to call it: “Start at Squareone.”

Our clients are partners at eye level. This creates a personal level allowing thoughts and opinions to be shared open and directly. because that’s just how we love communication to be – always straight forward, no flourishes, the goal always in mind. We don’t talk, we find solutions.

What kind of task we are facing is not that important because we get fuelled and curious about any possible problem. Experimenting, trying out, taking different or completely new ways are our tools on the path to the solution. Our wide spread experience, our cross-sectoral network and our favourable location right in the centre of Germany help us try to quickly understand new topics and research under realistic conditions until we are able to implement first solutions in our in-house lab.

Squareone’s affairs are always up to date – not least because of the university work of our professors Topel and Trauernicht. New impulses and fresh ideas are delivered free to our door, so to say. We passionately take part in current discussions regarding design, innovation user experience and sustainability. We publish our ideas, thoughts and opinions via articles in special interest magazines, lectures on design fairs and internal company events. Because our option seems to matter – that’s why we keep acting in the roles of consultants at copyright trials and jurors at design awards (at the iF-Design Award for example).

Why don’t you get your own idea of our agency, our ideas and solutions right here on location? It all comes with fantastic coffee. See you in Düsseldorf.


NEARNESS CREATES TRUST. Cooperation between businesses is in general comparable to a relationship between people. There are expectations, hopes and lots of unanswered questions. The rule in both cases is: Trust is key to success. But trust needs time. You have to know each other to truly trust one another.
That’s why Squareone prefers to work openly, cooperatively and transparent together with you as our client. This way we are able to get an idea of your needs and expectations and can offer our best possible support. In doing so, we would like to see your company as a whole – from the “ordinary” employee up to the boss – and at best include everybody in the development process.

A proven method to get to know each other is workshops that we offer our clients on a regular basis. As a new client a workshop enables us to understand your actual needs very quickly. Do you really need a new development or is maybe a face lift the better solution to retain a current product in the market? More than that, workshops can build a foundation for product innovation or strategy. Whatever the case, they are a cost-efficient alternative to get to know and trust each other before releasing higher budgets.

In order to successfully shape long-term developments, we introduce knowledge and experience of our clients into the project from day one – next to our experience and expertise. This ensures that all involved on both sides are involved and at the same level from the very beginning.


COMPLEX PROBLEMS REQUIRE MORE THAN JUST ONE IDEA. Product innovation and development are complex processes including ever new challenges that need to be mastered. One the one hand, this makes our daily work quite exciting because we always need to understand new situations to find the perfect solution. On the other hand it requires lots of experience, flexibility and discipline during the phase of development.

That’s why we love working with the Cube of Innovation: a collection of tools that – besides techniques to loosen up, brand understanding and analysis tools – primary includes Design Thinking and the TRIZ method. Thus the Cube of Innovation unites valuable processes and tools that help us master even complex problems.

This procedure convinced for example Mr Baldus from “Schottel”:
“Regarding the Cube of Innovation I would like to say that this collection simply stunned me. It’s like having used a drawer with rusty pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver-set from the supermarket for years and suddenly calling this complete HAZET tool range including classification system your own…” Martin Baldur, Schottel Hydro GmbH