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From plant manufacturer to system provider for intralogistics - Transformation through holistic consulting

Project Assets


Strategic consulting

With over a decade of successful cooperation, Squareone has made a significant contribution to transforming Remmert from a pure machine and plant manufacturer to a leading system provider for intralogistics. Together we created an innovative, systematically coordinated portfolio of storage and logistics systems for sheet metal and long goods, intralogistics components and a powerful software control system for the entire modular system. Our consulting services cover everything from the company's strategic roadmap, the implementation of an innovation and product development process, the design system for the hardware, the design of a service portfolio to the development of an intuitive user interface for all software and control components.

Design language

Design system as a blueprint

With IF award-winning design system, Remmert lays the foundation for efficient and intelligent storage and transport logistics. The basis is the plug-and-play storage tower "Basic Tower", which fits seamlessly into the system and interacts with various transport components. Our design is not only about aesthetic aspects such as shape, proportion, material and colour, but also in particular about technical consistency, use of common parts and reduction of complexity in the construction system. Together with the Remmert team, we have concentrated on developing systemic solution standards and a design that carries a construction DNA.

Software design

Perfect synchronisation of software & hardware design

An important element of our offering is the development of intuitive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) based on a holistic human-machine interface strategy. This ensures fast, intuitive and safe operation of the entire system - a decisive advantage, especially against the background of the international market and the growing shortage of skilled workers. The multilingual and intuitive user interface meets the highest ergonomic and aesthetic demands and makes the technical complexity of a professional industrial application as simple and understandable as end consumer software.

Squareone is our strategic innovation partner. As a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, we particularly appreciate the range of advice and the practical orientation of the Düsseldorf office. For us, Squareone is a perfect complement to our own in-house capacities in the areas of design, strategy and innovation.

Stephan Remmert, directing manager and owner of Friedrich Remmert GmbH