Prominent BAMa
modular sensor bypass armature

Individual, flexible and sustainable

All over the world, water treatment processes are crucial for people's health and well-being.

For ProMinent GmbH, we developed the modular product concept of the BAMa bypass armature to create a highly flexible, retrofittable system. With the possibility of configuring up to nine function modules in one fitting, the BAMa revolutionises water treatment.

The result is a groundbreaking product that covers a wide range of applications and focuses on sustainability. Sensors can be mounted and dismounted quickly thanks to bayonet locks, modules can be exchanged without tools and parts requiring maintenance can be cleaned easily.

Focus on the product life cycle

Thanks to its modular design and minimised water consumption, the BAMa offers a sustainable solution that increases flexibility in use and expands the range of applications.

We are proud to have helped shape this innovative milestone with a customised solution and look forward to future groundbreaking developments.

With Squareone, we have found a competent partner for the development of the sophisticated design of our sensor bypass fitting BAMa. Squareone has been instrumental in finding creative solutions for every requirement and in bringing about the development towards a series product - the market success confirms our close and good cooperation.

Dr. Winkler, ProMinent GmbH

ProMinent’s Sensor Bypass Armature is beguilingly simple and simply effective. Accommodating a range of sensors for water treatment, the design language offers clear signposts to the different sensor functions, enabling flexible modular application.

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