Digital Torque Screwdriver

With the digital torque spanner "Torsiotronic", we have developed an iconic design language for Stahlwille that represents a perfect symbiosis of tradition and the future. This product underlines the value of our design work for Stahlwille, which has a clear influence on their market success, and has been recognised globally by prestigious awards such as the German Design Award Gold and the Red Dot Design Award.

According to the jury of the German Design Award, the strengths of the Torsiotronic lie in its compactness, modernity and quality, which can be felt through its pleasant and perfectly balanced weight. This award confirms Stahlwille's investment in a design that is convincing down to the smallest detail.

At Squareone, our work for Stahlwille confirms our belief that good design is always a harmonious combination of user experience, aesthetic polish and well thought-out technology. For Stahlwille, this means that they can expand their customer base and strengthen their market position with an excellent and recognised product.

The entire tool looks extremely compact, modern and high-quality, which is also noticeable in the pleasant, perfectly balanced – and not too light – weight. An outstandingly executed piece of design, which impresses down to the last detail, both formally and technically.

German Design Award Gold - Jury Statement


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