Stela H82

Design Development

Plastic injection molding machines are often lacking high quality and unique design that would set apart from competition. The situation is different with the design for Stela H82. It is a high performance linear injection molding machine - and it shows.

The dynamic and unique appearance is based on large design intelligence. The dark, anthracite footing is the base for the injection chamber and the movable screw drive, which are both capsuled in white, extensive panels. Major contrasts between the main body and the footing define the overall picture.
Integrated into the footing, all technical components are hidden and are easy to access in case of revision via removable panels. The large-format sliding door with tilted panorama safety glass ensures the best possible accessibility and visibility of the workpiece.

The control panel has been designed for height and angle adjustment as a large touch screen. It comes with a sophisticated user interface which ensures a high information density yet simple operation.

Project Achievements

Mechanical Engineering Product Development