Digital Plattform

"The AIR-IN-ONE System"

How can a supplier of systems and components for room ventilation and air conditioning reach the next level of digitalisation? 

TROX Ox is the Neukirchen-based company's answer to the rapidly increasing demand for digital solutions in their industry.
TROX approached us with the goal of designing a platform that would unite all of its existing and newly developed digital applications under one roof. 

Working closely with the TROX team and developers, we developed a system that offers a 360° all-encompassing user experience and has the system configurator at its core for managing complex construction projects across all planning phases.

A complete system

In the project management area, projects can be created, rights of use assigned and components that have already been configured can be relocated in the building. Unique added value is offered here by the option to carry out cost calculations and automatically generate tender texts for the respective planning phases.

The entire TROX product portfolio is presented in the product area. Components can be selected, configured and assigned to projects. The intuitive user interface appeals to both beginners and experts and takes into account the different user groups in each planning phase.

The heart of the application is the wizard area. Various available wizards enable the configuration of complete product systems. Through a guided, intuitive configuration, complete fire protection systems can be created step by step and detailed in a clear topology chart.

Thanks to the new compatibility of the applications, all components and system associations can be easily and efficiently exported to the TROX Controller monitoring application after the implementation of the construction projects. This makes both commissioning and monitoring of the technology much easier.

Digital transformation

TROX transfers its own system competence into the digital world and creates forward-looking tools that form a comprehensive service concept.

A uniform design and navigation concepts combine the individual tools and modules into a digital overall solution and experience. The focus here is on supporting the various stakeholders in the planning process as well as plant monitoring and control. The central digital tools integrate ideally into the workflow of the various stakeholders and accelerate internal and external processes. A seamless customer journey also enables the collaboration of different stakeholders.


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