AHA+L Calculator

The ventilation system manufacturer Trox usually targets customers in the B2B sector. With the Trox Air Cleaner designed by Squareone, this area has already been expanded to e. g. schools and restaurants. During this project, end customers should be addressed even more. We designed a web application with which end customers can check the air situation in their rooms without technical knowledge. The scientific basis for this comes from Trox. The challenge was on the one hand to convert the scientifically correct data into a simple application and on the other hand to modify the existing machine GUI into a consumer-friendly design.

Early on, we expanded the team with the remote agency dyve, who took over the development for mobile and desktop. In close cooperation with many small rounds of coordination, it was possible to have transparent communication with all team members and to discuss the possibilities in terms of implementation, schedule and costs. With six months from briefing to launch, this project was particularly fast and efficient.

Project Achievements