TROX AHA+L Calculator
The tool to validate your ventilation capacity

Efficient through network cooperation

The B2B environment is traditionally the main market for TROX, a leading manufacturer of ventilation systems. However, with the TROX AIR PURIFIER, which we designed, the company has reached new customer segments such as schools and restaurants.

To best address these target groups, we developed the TROX AHA+L calculator, a ventilation capacity validation tool to help people ensure a safe environment.

The success of the design was not only a question of aesthetics, but also required a translation of complex scientific data into an easy-to-understand, user-friendly application. At the heart of this process was the creation of a design intuitive enough to be used by people with no prior knowledge.

In just six months from brief to launch, we worked with remote agency dyve to overcome this challenge and develop the AHA+L calculator that is helping to create healthier and safer environments today.

Squareone has succeeded in transforming an idea into a convincing design and putting the user in the focus of the application. From requirements to analysis to strategy and concept, Squareone is an excellent partner to bring projects to success.

Mark Zimmermann
Leader E-Commerce at TROX

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