MVP Development

We bring startups from the idea to the product and beyond. The IoT startup AIQ is a good example for our work.

The founders from Nassau have observed that filters used in air conditioning systems currently have several issues: they are expensive, it is unclear when to change them and their high volume consumes a lot of warehouse space. With a focused analysis of the US market together with a local partner, we were able to verify the assumed potentials and lay the foundation for the lean development of a business model. Thanks to the largely parallel development of the MVP, the user experience and the business model, we have been able to generate important unique selling points in a short time, resulting in the registration of several patents.

The resulting innovative IoT filter system brings along two unique value propositions: on the one hand the savings in energy and maintenance costs enabled by intelligent sensors. On the other hand, the reusable frame saves storage and transportation costs. Initially, the filter system will be used as a B2B product in multistorey buildings, such as malls, office complexes and hospitals, in the USA & Canada. In the long term, it will then be scaled to the consumer market.

We run the startup efficiently through the upcoming process steps and use our concentrated know-how from various industry branches.

Pitch Deck Design & Content

In addition to the verification of the market needs, fundraising is vital for startups such as AIQ.
For the brand we created pitch decks and a landing page that convinced both contentwise and graphically. We also developed the brand logo as well as a basic corporate design.

We look forward to more investors and the next steps to the launch!

Project Achievements

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