Fitto - Smart nutrition system

Innovation Development

The goal of the Israeli IoT startup Fitto is to usher in a new age of connected nutrition. For this purpose, the entrepreneurs from Tel Aviv have created an AI-controlled platform, which consists of a smart bottle, portion capsules with protein powder and other supplements, and an app. By using the bottle, which is connected with the app, the nutritional plan becomes intelligent and reacts dynamically to the user. This means enormous potential for athletes, trainers, nutritionists and many other target groups. In combination with single servings, the entire handling of supplements will be easier and more comfortable than ever.

After being promoted by the LeAD Accelerator, hosted by the Adidas family, the startup faced the challenge of bringing the idea to reality. Convinced by our expertise in product development, Fitto partnered with Squareone for the implementation and was advised by us throughout the entire process. The biggest challenge in developing the IoT product system was to reliably and completely empty the portion capsule into the smart bottle. What sounds trivial at first, is not easily solved due to the nature of the protein powder, the very limited space, as well as many existing patents on coffee capsules. Nevertheless, thanks to our proven innovation methods, Squareone has been able to develop a completely new principle that has already been applied for a patent.

Prototyping & Testing

In our innovation methodology, repeated prototyping & testing at an early stage of design is the most important part of the product journey. Functional and handling principles can be quickly and efficiently checked and rejected or developed further. Even with the more advanced product development towards the MVP or the serial-ready product, we rely on the verification on the basis of prototypes, although much can be digitally simulated. In this way, we can accurately evaluate the materials used, electronic components, functionality and above all aesthetics and user experience.
In addition to the reliability of the functional principle, Fitto’s smart nutrition system focused on error-free operation and a smart user experience.

Project Achievements

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