Linus Verthman Watch


Led by the desire to bring variability to high quality watches, two young international entrepreneurs asked us to join forces. The idea: A modular watch that offers the flexibility in functionality and style that todays millennial generation is looking for. A product that is adaptable to different occasions and needs through the nature of its design. With social media and image sharing at the core of the target groups interest, uniqueness and lifestyle fit are key.

Beginning with the project planning, the product design and brand development were aligned and tailored to the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We developed a unique mechanical concept, the design of the product as well as the brand identity in parallel so that everything is perfectly coordinated.

The product is the brand and the brand is the product.

Design & Engineering

Starting from the early conception, we worked closely with the Swiss watch manufacturer and kept track of feasibility and production costs throughout the entire design and engineering process. This allowed us to reach a produceable status for the watch very efficiently and to make sure that our design enters the market just as the founders and ourselves intended.

Project Achievements

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